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This page is all about the Hospitality and Tourism Support day on Thursday 19th August.
The event has been arranged by Happening Colombo, The Council for Business with Britain and the European Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka, with the support of the Colombo City Restaurant Collective.

We are asking everyone who can to Buy a Meal for Thursday 19th August. Any meal, from any restaurant, hotel, pub or home baker. Eat in, take away or delivery. 

Every meal bought will support the restaurant and all their staff, and also their suppliers, the farms who supply their produce and vegetables, their spices, the dairy who supply their milk, the baker who supplies their bread, and many more. 

When you have ordered (and we suggest ordering a few days in advance) please post that you have ordered, with hashtag #EveryMealHelps

Thank you

Posts and Reposts

Thank you to these friends and partners for helping to share the message.

Special Offers for 19 August

We have not asked restaurants to give discounts on 19 August but some may give special combo or meal offers. These will appear below.

19Aug Meat-Crazy-Deal.jpg
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